Life is to short to wear boring shoes!
Welcome to BY LINNEA - a unique hand painted high heel shoe line, founded in 2016 by Swedish artist and designer Linnea.

Linnea does something fresh and exclusive - she takes art off the wall and makes it wearable and chic by hand-painting and exhibiting her work directly onto the soles of sleek high heel shoes, creating a dramatic, playful and striking effect!

Each hand- painted pump is the equivalent of an original acrylic painting. The time consuming craftsmanship involved in the creation of these custom made to order couture heels makes every shoe unique, as the artist hand renders each model.

BY LINNEA enjoys providing you as a customer with the opportunity to express your individuality through style in a chic, sophisticated and versatile way.

Our shoes are made to order and hand- painted exclusively for you in the BY LINNEA atelier in Spain!

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BY LINNEA - an animal friendly brand!
We do not think that any animal should give their life for the sake of fashion.
Therefore we do not use leather, skins or fur in any of our products. Our footwear is instead made off 100% man-made leather a non- leather, cruelty- free, animal friendly material!

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